Hi everyone:)

So this week is rival-ability and i can't relate myself into it because I'm not the typeofperson who always seeks for DRAMA like TAYLEN .I'mt he one who seeks for FUN not ENEMIES ....

So this week's mentor is NAYA RIVERA and Honestly I can't breathe when I saw her .We perfrom pump it by the black-eyed peas. Its fun but she didn't give any feedback on my performance . I'm quite glad that TAYLEN won the HWA because she really deserves it.

Our Music video this week is We will rock you by the Queen . This was the hardest music video shoot for me because we are all paired and we ought to hurt each other . My partner is EMILY and no one can hurt that angel . Because of that , I was on the bottom 3 with Drew and Emily .

I know that my rendition of The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script is better than the original ( ahahaha ) . Just Kidding but I appreciated his comment that I got the x-thing . I really love him , he said that i would be a great addition to the show . I'm not scared to perform in front of the judges actually it was more scary walking to the call-back list . When I saw my name , I want to shout but I don't want to look like a fool on tv so I just smiled and walked away . I'm glad that Emily stays too , I really loved her:)

I'm not surprised that Drew was eliminated because he were always performing every week to have another chance but its too much .The way he acted afterleaving was not good . I feel sorry for RYAN , he reallyloves DREW :(

So next week is Theatricality , goodbye ....

Oh wait ! GRANT JUSTIN is our mentor :)

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