Do You Wanna Touch Me


Gary Glitter

Sung by

Project: Glee Contenders



Do You Wanna Touch Me is featured in the second episode of the first season of Project: Glee, Sexuality. It was originally sung by Gary Glitter. It was sung by the thirteen remaining contenders of season one of Project: Glee as their second homework assignment. The guest mentor was Mark Salling.

Taylen Parker was chosen as the winner of the assignment.


-Contenders move chairs and sit in pairs, lights fade out-

Emma: We’ve been here too long (to Tyler)

Andi: Tryin’ to get along (to Ryan)

Alexandria: Pretendin´ that you’re oh so shy (to Connor)

Emily: I´m a natural ma´am

Joy: Doin´ all I can

Taylen: My temperature´s runnin´ high (touching her body, to Gray)

Drew: Cry at night (to Lyla)

Connor: No one in sight (to Alexandria)

Gray: An´ we got so much to share (to Taylen)

Tyler: Talking´s fine (to Emma)

Brandon: If you got the time (to Emily)

Ryan: But I ain´t got time to spare, yeah (to Joy)

Girls gather together and boys gather together, facing each other

Lyla: Do you wanna touch (guys: yeah!)

Girls: Do you wanna touch (guys: yeah!)

Girls: Do you wanna touch me there, where

Boys: There, yeah!

Boys: Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

Girls: Do you? Do you?

Girls: Touch me, c´mon, you know where!

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