Hello Team Emily. How are you all doing? I love every single one of you.

First of all, This week was Performability. My Rate would be 8/10. It was a rather good week and Yes! Its getting lonely here. WHY? Because more and more people are leaving and that is just sad and heartbreaking. I miss the previous contestants and the the rest of us have a pretty drastic change in personality. For example, people are not as nice as before or as friendly as before. They are more quiet and competitive. Well, the competition is heating up. Everyone here is fighting to Win and that is just scary but...wait!... EMILY focus!

So, Robert reveals our Guest Mentor and she is Heather Morris.

WHAT! Heather Morris People!! She is awesome but of course our Princess Dianna is the BEST! Haha...Okay so, She was so loving and bubbly. She is also definitely Energetic and Hyper. She keeps jumping around and spitting jokes. It was such a lovely time. Our Assignment was Light up the World. Such an awesome song. I am so proud of everyone! All of us did a great job! A for Effort! Haha!

At the end it was our pretty Alexandria. She did an awesome job! I loved her! And then, we were brought to the Nationals stage. Wow! I felt so...HONOURED!! It was huge and nerve-wrecking because the winner will be standing there someday looking back and thinking "Wow!, I did it!". Then we were taught a few steps. Andi and Joy were having trouble. I felt really bad for them. I even helped out by guiding them but they seemed stressed about some issues. I felt so sad for them. They're such nice people.

At the end, it was time for the bottom 3 and It was Andi, Drew and Joy. They were all so sad at the living room. And it was revealed that Joy had to go. I burst into tears. I'll miss her so much but I wish her the very best! Hope to meet her someday! Lovely Joy, You will be missed...

Next Week is Rival-ability. Ouch! Things are gonna get UGLY! I'm afraid actually..

Anyway! Thanks guys for reading my diary! Love you all so much and Bless all of you!


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