Hello Team Emily. How is everyone doing? My best wishes goes to all of you!

Vulnerability week. I shall rate is as 10/10. I had a great week as I went through a lot in life.

So Robert walks in and gives us a warm welcome. Then he calls out our guest mentor! Chris Colfer!

So, our homework assignment was I want to hold your hand.I did good overall and this impressed Chris a lot. And I was name is WINNER! I was so honoured and excited. Nikki also praised me!

It was then time to reveal the bottom 3. Wow! It was nerve-wrecking! And Robert announced that I was the first to be called back! It was so good to be first. I felt so happy.

At the end, it was Gray who had to leave. He was crying and I gave him this big hug. Poor guy. He was so friendly and bubbly. He was awesome and I wish him the best for his career!

Well, it was a mixed week as there were many tears and sharing but we had fun!

Thanks Team Emily!

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