Hello Team Emily. How is everyone doing?

Pairability week. I shall rate is as 3/10. Worst week!

Robert enters the room and calls out Darren. Wow! I never thought he we would be short. Haha!

So, our homework assignment was No Air .I Guess i did okay but since its Pairing this week. We were partnered with many people.And I was partnered with Drew. He was cute but we didn't deliverer a 'great' performance! Perfect by Pink for the music video

It was then time to reveal the bottom. Wow! It was nerve-wrecking! And Robert announced we've had to do a LCP as they could not decide. Drew and I did Lucky by Jason Mraz. We did good and was called back! I came in 6th. Sad but happy to be in.

Im also sad to see Connor go..We said goodbye with tears..

Hoping to do better next week!

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