Sung by

Taylen Parker



Called Back


Finally was a last chance performance sung by Taylen Parker in the third episode of the first season of Project: Glee, Vulnerability. It was originally made famous by Fergie.


Taylen: Mmmmmmmm

Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream

Cinderella theme

Crazy as it seems

Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day

But I would have to wait

Make so many mistakes

I couldn't comprehend as I watched it unfold

This classic story told

I left it in the cold

Walking through an open door that led me back to you

Each one unlocking more of the truth

I finally stopped tripping on my youth

I finally got lost inside of you

I finally know I needed to grow

And finally my mate has met my soul


Now my destiny can begin

Though we will have our differences

Something strange and new is happening


Now my life doesn't seem so bad

It's the best that I've ever had

Give my love to him finally

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