Pump It is featured on episode 7 of Project:Glee, Rival-ability, serving as its homework assingment.

Taylen Parker was chosen as the winner.


-The goup dives in 2: Ryan, Drew, Emily, Andi and Taylen, Lyla, Alexandria, Brandon.-

Group 2: Ha, ha, ha!

Group 1: Pump It!

Group 2: Louder!

Group 1: Pump It!

Group 2: Louder!

Group 2: Turn Up the Radio, blast your stereo, Right

Drew: Nigga wanna hate on us

Ryan: (who)

Drew: Nigga be envious

Andi: (Who)

Ryan: And I know why they hatin´ on Us

Drew: (Why)

Ryan: ´Cause that´s so fabolous

Emily: (What)

Andi: Imma be real on us

Emily: (Come On)

Andi: Nobody go nuttin´ on us

Ryan: (No)

Emily: Girls be all on us, from London back to the US

Andi: (S,s)

All: Turn up the radio, blast your stereo, Right Now, this joint is sizzlin´ it´s sizzilin´, right

Lyla: La-da-di-dup-dup die dy, on the stereo

Taylen: Let those speakers blow your mind

(Alexandria): Blow your mind baby

Taylen: To let it go, let it go

Alexandria: Here we go, la-da-di-dup-dup die

Brandon: Come on we´re there

Alexandria: On the radio

Brandon: The system´s gonna feel so fine

Group 1: Pump it, louder (X6)

Group 2: And say, oh oh oh oh Say, oh oh oh oh Yo, yo Turn up the radio Blast your stereo Right now This joint is fizzlin' It's sizzlin' Right

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