Season One, Episode Nine
Air date November 10, 2012
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Romanticality is the ninth episode on the first season of Project: Glee in which fourteen young hopefuls compete for a role on Glee. This is a fan-fic competition based off the hit show The Glee Project.


-The top 6 contenders sit on the sofas.-

Emily: I will really miss Lyla pie.

-Taylen looks to the ground.-

Taylen: Me too.

Ryan: Hey, Brandon. Better luck this time winning the homework assingment.

-Ryan and Taylen laugh and hi five.-

The rest of them frown.

Confession cam, Brandon: Gosh. Ryan´s being so annoying! He´s the new Taylen now. I can´t stand him!

-Robert enters the room.-

Robert: Hey guys!

Andi: Hi Robert!

Robert: So, get ready for a new week. Get ready to have chemistry this week, Romanticality!

-Brandon smiles.-

Confession cam, Alexandria: Yeah, romanticality. Not many of us is excited about it! (laughs)

Confession cam, Andi: Yikes, Romanticality´s already hard for me, and it´ll be really hard without Connor. But I won´t be in the bottom again, I´ll do my best.

Confession cam, Ryan: It´s romanticality. I´ll keep trying to do my best, as always.

Robert: So, the homework assingment this week is Teenage Dream, from Katy Perry.

Andi: YES!

Alexandria. Come on!

Robert: Here you have the lyrics, and get ready for an amasing guest that showes us he can be romantic.

-Robert leaves the room.-

Taylen: I want line 7-

Andi: Give me line 8

Brandon: 4

-Everyone talks of the lines he wants but Emily seems dizzy lying on the sofa.-

Andi: Em, are you okay?

-Emily forces a smile.-

Emily: Yeah, honey.

Alexandria: I suggest we place ourselves in pairs.

Brandon: I think we have to make them all LGTB.

Emily: Cool idea.

Andi: I want to be with Taylen.

Taylen: What?

Andi: Yeah, I wanna be with you. I think we could put a challenge to ourselves, and try to chill down a little bit. It would be different.

Taylen: Whatever.

Alexandria: So, it would be Brandon and Ryan, Andi and Taylen and me and Emily.

Confession cam, Ryan: I don´t know what Brandon is trying to do with that LGTB pairing, maybe he wants to be with me, who knows. But, I´ll try to give my best as always, Brandon will not be an obstacle.

-Homework assingment. Choir room.-

Robert: So, guys, get ready to meet a guest that could really bring his romantic side right where you are, it´s...

-Blake Jenner enters the room.-

Robert: Blake Jenner!

-Everyone stands and clap.-

Confession cam, Taylen: Oh my gosh! Blake, the hottest guy that was ever on the show is here to watch me perform!

Blake: Hey guys!

Everone: Hi!

Blake: So, I really know how it´s to be on your position. You are all under a lot of pressure, and you´re all here to win. You always have to give the best of yourselves.

-Ryan nods.-

Blake: Romanticality is about being able to connect with another person, to relate and have chemistry with him and being able to show that and confidence.

Robert: So, they´ve been working on Teenage Dream.

Blake: Great, show me what you got.

Teenage Dream

The contenders split in pairs: Brandon/Ryan, Andi/Taylen, Alexandria/ Emily.

-Ryan and Brandon stand up together.-

Brandon: You think I´m pretty, without any make up on, you think i´m funny when I tell the punch line wrong,I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down.

Ryan:Before you met me, things were alright, but things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life, now every Febraury you´ll be my Valentine.

-Andi and Taylen cuddle each other on the floor.-

Taylen: Let´s go all, the way tonight, no regrets, just love, we can dance, until we die, you and I will be young forever.

-Andi launches herself in top of Taylen.-

Andi: You make me feel like I´m living a Teenage Dream, the way you turn me on, I can´t sleep..

-Andi stands up and grabs Taylen by the hand.-

Andi: let´s runaway and don´t ever look back, don´t ever look back.

-Emily and Alexandria dance with each other.-

Emily: My heart stops, when you look at me, just one touch, now baby I believe this is real, so take a chance and don´t ever look back, don´t ever look back.

Alexandria: My heart stops, when you look at me, just one touch, now baby I believe this is real, let´s take a chance and don´t ever look back, don´t ever look back

All: I might get your heart racing

In my skin tights jeans Be your Teenage Dream tonight Let you put your hands on me In my skin-tight jeans Be your Teenage Dream tonight

Robert: Wow guys! that was great!

Blake: Yeah, it was awesome! Brandon and Ryan, I liked it, but I still felt it wasn´t real, you guys didn´t convince me, you gotta be more reliable. Taylen and Andi, it was great. I was a little bit concerned Taylen was doing it too sexy, but Andi, you killed it, you were great, you made it really believable. Alexandria and Emily, I liked it, but I felt as if Emily needed much more.... energy, you weren´t having confidence at all.

Robert: So, Blake, who do you pick as the winner,

Blake: In the end I pick....

-Camera flashes between Andi and Taylen.-

Blake: Andi.

Andi: Oh my gosh!

Confession cam, Andi: Yes, yes, yes and... yes! OMG! blake picked me! he picked me!

Confession cam, Taylen: It´s clear that Blake is much stupid in person.

Robert:Congratulations Andi! That means you´ll have a one on one mentoring session with Blake and a standout on this week´s big group number, ehich is....

Blake: You and I by Lady Gaga

Brandon: Awesome!

Blake: We need new pairs. So... Emily,you get to be with....Ryan.

-Emily and Ryan smile.-

Blake: Taylen and.... Andi again.

-Andi smiles. Taylen rolls her eyes.-

Blake: Leaving Brandon and Alexandria.

-Alexandria and Brandon high five.-

Robert:Good luck this week guys.

Blake: Bye everyone! Keep strong!

-Choreography with Zach-

Zach: Everybody in pairs! Come on!

-The contenders arrange in pairs.-

Zach: Okay, so, I need you guys to be romantic between each other.

-Andi and Taylen flirt between each other.-

Confession cam, Andi; I feel in heaven this week! So I´ll keep it up all week long, even if that means being Taylen´s girlfriend. Throw me fire, anything, bring it.

Confession cam, Taylen: Gosh I´m with Andi again, that geek is so annoying! But, I won´t lower my arms beacause of her, I´ll bring it all this week. (smiles)

Zach: Great job guys! Now, Emily and Ryan!

-Emily and Ryan flirt with each other.-

Confession cam, Emily: I´m feeling strange this week. I can´t put energy, I can´t flirt with Ryan. I mean, it´s difficult for me flirting with someone, I can´t , I feel so uncumfortable after..... my stepfather..... (covers her face)

Confession cam, Ryan: I´m giving my best but Emily´s just..retreating herself.

Zach: Emily! More confidence! Alexandria and Brandon!

-Alexandria and Brandon flirt with each other.-

Confession cam, Alexandria: I´m trying my best to flirt with Brandon, but I´m not the best one being romantic and stuff.

Confession cam, Brandon; Me and Alexandria are ending up kinda awkward. She can´t be romantic, and I can´t be romantic with her.

- Vocals-

- Andi enters the booth-

Andi: Hey!

Nikki: Hi!

Andi: Something, something about this place...

Nikki: Wow! Great Andi!

Confession cam, Nikki: I´m so proud of Andi, she learned so much of her mistakes, she´s giving it all this week.

- Emily enters the booth-


Nikki: Mmmm, what´s wrong Emily? Are you feeling okay? You seem kinda...

-Emily smiles-

Emily: Yeah! I´m okay!

- Video shoot-

Confession cam, Robert: On this video the contenders will be dating each other on different places. They really have to show us their romantic side.

- Andi and Taylen are on the doorstep of a house.-

Erik: Now, Andi has just arrived to Taylen´s house, you guys used to be in love, but Andi you left town, and unexpectedly come back and surprise Taylen.

Andi: Cool!

- Andi and Taylen start to flirt with each other.-

Nikki: I´m so surprised with Andi this week, she improved so much on the competition, and she wants to prove herself.

Robert: Yeah, she´s giving it all this week.

Erik: Cut! Great girls!

Confession cam, Taylen: I´m trying to cope with Andi this week. I don´t know what happened to her, but I will still be better than her.

-Emily and Ryan are on the shore of a river.-

Erik: So, you guys are completely in love with each other, and you went on a romantic date to the river. I just want to see you two completely passionate and in love.

-Ryan hugs Emily and they go to the floor. Emily pulls Ryan away.-

Erik: Cut!

Nikki: Emily´s strange this week. She seems without any energy, she seems sick.

Robert: Yeah, I´ll go talk to her.

-Robert goes towards Emily.-

Robert: Are you feeling okay, Emily?

-Emily is crying.-

Emily: It´s just that... I´ve been feeling strange this week... and... I... stepfather...

-Emily cries harder.-

Robert: It´s okay Emily, take your time.

-Emily cleans her face.-

Emily: I´m okay. I´m okay.

Erik: Okay, let´s give it one more shot.

-Alexandria and Brandon are on a table with dinner.-

Erik: Okay, so you guys are having a romantic first date dinner. You both knew each other for years, and are finally admiting your feelings towards each other. I want it to be passionate, yet simple. okay?

Brandon: Yeah.

-Alexandria and Brandon have dinner, stand up and dance with each other.-

Erik: Cut! Guys you´re doing it way to simple! It doesn´t seem you were in love... at all! You both feel uncomfortable.

Confession cam, Brandon: Yeah, me and Alexandria are doing it kinda weird, it´s really difficult for both of us.

Robert: They both seem uncomfortable all week long.

-After many shots, they manage to get it.-

Confession cam, Robert: So, we´ll have to take a close look at the video to decide who was being less romantic and who was the less believable this week to perform for Ryan.

-You and I-

-Andi gets out of her car, outside a house, walks to the doorstep and knocks the door, which is opened by Taylen. They both smile.-

Andi: It's been a long time since I came around

-Andi and Taylen hug each other.-

Andi: Been a long time, but I´m back in town, this time I´m not leaving without you.

-Taylen drags Andi to a sofa.-

Taylen: You taste like whisky when you kiss me oh, I´ll give anything to be your baby doll

-Taylen and Andi kiss.-

Andi: This time I´m not leaving without you.

- Ryan drags Emily by the hand to a shore besides a river.-

Ryan: Something, something about this place

Emily: Something ´bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face.

-Ryan and Emily kiss and sit on the floor.-

Emily: Something about my cool Nebraska guy

Ryan: Yeah, something about, baby you and I

-Andi and Taylen hig each other on the sofa.-

Taylen: It´s been two years since I let you go

Andi: I couldn´t listen to a joke or rock n´roll, this time I´m not leaving without you.

-Alexandria and Brandon are having a romantic dinner.-

Alexandria: Something, something about the chase, six whole years I´m a New York woman, born to run you down

-Alexandria and Brandon stand and hug each other.-

Alexandria: SO have my lipstick all over your face

Brandon: Something, something about just knowing when it´s right. So put your drinks up, Nebraska

-Brandon and Alexandria raise their cups.-

Brandon: For Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you.

Brandon and Alexandria: You and I , you and I, baby i´d rather dye without you and I

-Brandon and Alexandria kiss.-

-Emily and Ryan kiss.-

Emily and Ryan: You and I, you and I, Nebraska I´d rather dye, without you and I

- Andi and Taylen kiss.-

Andi: It´s been a long time since I came around, been a long time, but I´m back in town

-Andi raises Taylen from the sofa, they hug each other, walk out of the house, enter the car and drive away.-

Andi: This time I´m not leaving without you.

-Reveal of the bottom 3.-

Robert: This week was all about romanticality. It was all about relating to another, and being comfortable with it. This being said, Andi you´re first on the callback list.

-Andi smiles and jumps up and down.-

Robert: You did a great job this week Andi, you´re really getting better.

-Andi smiles.-

Andi: Thank you!

Confession cam, Andi: Yes! Yes! Yes! I´m so happy right now! My effort was worth it!

-Andi leaves the stage.-

Robert: Taylen, you also did a great job this week, you´re called back, congratulations.

-Taylen smiles.-

Taylen: Take that, bitches!

-Taylen leaves the stage, leaving Alexandria, Brandon, Emily and Ryan.-

Robert: All four of you struggled this week, and it´s getting more and more difficult to choose the bottom 3. Alexandria and Brandon, you two are great, youpre always flawless, but that didn´t showed up this week at all. You both seemed uncomfortable and weren´t believable at all, you both will be performing for Ryan tonight.

Nikki: Emily, we don´t know what was wrong with you this week, we were worried. You seemed without any energy all week long, and you felt sick and uncomfortable, we anted to know if anything´s wrong with you, are you sure you are okay? Honey, it´s okay if you miss your daughter.

Emily: No, I´m okay.

-Emily does a fake smile.-

Robert: Ryan, you weren´t convincing on the homework assingment, and you needed a little bit more on the music video. In the end, Ryan you´re called back for next week.

-Ryan smiles.-

Ryan: Thank you-

Confession cam, Ryan: I was so scared of being in the bottom this week, we´re only 6 so you can be in the bottom for anything.

Nikki: Alexandria, your song is I Won´t Give Up by Jason Mraz.

Alexandria: Cool!

Nikki: Brandon, you´ll be singing Big Girls Don´t Cry by Fergie.

Brandon: Love it!

Nikki: And Emily, your song is It´s a Man´s Manps world.

-Emily smiles.-

Zach: Go! Better be ready!

-Rehearsal room, Alexandria-

Alexandria: I won´t Give Up on us....

Confession cam, Alexandria: I really want to stay, and I´m in the bottom with two great contestants, but I´ll show Ryan why I have to be on Glee.

-Rehearsal room, Brandon-

Brandon: I hope you know, I hope you know....

Confession cam, Brandon: It´s the first time I´m performing for Ryan, and I´m going to show him I´m glee and I´ll make him love me.

-Rehearsal room, Emily-

Emily: It is a Man´s world....

Confession cam, Emily: I´m so nervous right now, I´ve been uncomfortable all week long, and I´m feeling strange, but I´ll give it all tonight.

-Last chance performances. Auditorium.-

-Ryan, Robert, Zach and Nikki take a seat.-

Robert: This week was romanticality, they all had to relate with another and be comfortable with it. This all had troubles with it.

Ryan: I see.

Robert: First is Alexandria. She´s always flawless, but it didn´t showed up this week, she was paired with Brandon and she seemed really uncomfortable and they didn´t seem believable at all.

-Alexandria, wearing a black dress, enters the room.-

Alexandria: Hi! I´m Alexandria Harvard, and I´ll be singing I Won´t Give Up, by Jason Mraz.

-I won´t Give Up-

Alexandria: When I look into your eyes

It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise There's so much they hold And just like them old stars I see that you've come so far To be right where you are How old is your soul?

I won't give up on us Even if the skies get rough I'm giving you all my love I'm still looking up

And when you're needing your space To do some navigating I'll be here patiently waiting To see what you find

'Cause even the stars they burn Some even fall to the earth We've got a lot to learn God knows we're worth it No, I won't give up

-The judges clap.-

Ryan: Alexandria! Very good!

Alexandria: Thank you!

Ryan: Tell me what went wrong this week.

Alexandria: Well, it was romanticality, and I just can´t be romantical, specially after what I´ve been through with my boyfriend. He... abused me, in every way, and I really don´t feel comfortable with it.

Ryan: I see. I can really see your uniqueness and that´s what I love about you, I think you will be a great adition to the cast, but tonight you´re also competing against two great contenders which can be more comfortable. Anyway, I really love you, and I know you´ll go far.

Alexandria: Thank you!

-Alexandria leaves the stage.-

Robert; So next is Brandon. You haven´t met Brandon yet, and he´s one of our strongest contenders. What happened this week is that Brandon had the same problem as Alexandria, they were paired together and they both seemed uncomfortable, and it wasn´t real at all, it was very hard for him being with a girl.

-Brandon enters the stage.-

Brandon: Hi Ryan! Nice to meet you! I´m Brandon Foster and I´ll be singing Big Girls Don´t Cry by Fergie.

-Big Girls Don´t Cry, Brandon-

Brandon: Da da da da

The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your home town I need some shelter of my own protection, baby To be with myself and center Clarity, peace, serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you It's personal, myself and I We've got some straightenin' out to do And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket But I've got to get a move on with my life It's time to be a big girl now And big girls don't cry

Ryan: Wow! Brandon! That was really great! Your voice is so powerful.

Brandon: Thank you!

Ryan: I can definitely say you are glee. You´re like this gay Rachel Berry, and I think you can really fit on glee.

Brandon: Thank you!

-Brandon leaves the room.-

Robert: Next is Emily. We really don´t know what was wrong with her this week, maybe she missed her daughter, she felt sick, she didn´t had energy, she was very uncomfortable..

-Emily enters the stage.-

Emily: Hi, I´m Emily VanCamp, and I´ll be singing It´s A Man´s Man´s World.

-It´s a Man´s Man´s world, Emily-

Emily: This is a man's world

This is a man's world But it wouldn't be nothing Nothing without a woman or a girl You see man made the car To take us over the road Man made the train To carry the heavy load Man made the electric light To take as out of the dark Man made the boat for the water Like Noah made the ark This is a man's man's man's world But it wouldn't be nothing Nothing without a woman or a girl

-The judge´s clap.-

-Emily cries.-

Ryan: That was a very emotional performance, Emily. What´s wrong? What happened this week?

-Emily cries more.-

Emily: It´s just that... I´ve been feeling really bad all week long, I had this feeling for a while.... I just can´t stand it... It´s that.. I can´t

-Emily breaks into tears.-

Nikki: Sweetie, it´s okay, you don´t have to tell us..

Emily: I have to.. I can´t hide it anymore... before coming here, my stepfather, he.... he a.. abused me...

-Emily breaks into tears again.-

Emily: And... I had this feeling for a while... and I know I took the test.... I´m.... I´m preagnant..

-The judges stare at each other.-

Emily: And all this romanticality week... I couldn´t be romantical.. I just couldn´t after what was happening.. And, it´s not that I don´t want the baby, I do.. but, I´m really confused right now.

Ryan: Emily, sweetie, it´s okay.

-Nikki goes to the stage and hugs Emily.-

Emily: I really still want to stay in this competition, I really do, if I don´t I have to go back to my life with my step parents, this is the only opportunity I have... and I won´t ruin it, I´ll do the best of my to be on glee, I will do everything.

Ryan: Emily, you are truly someone to admire. You are so strong, you are so inspirational, you really are, and someone just fels in love with you, I realy admire you. And if you need some help with the baby, just know that we´re all here to help you, if you´re feeling bad, just let us know, whatever you need, we´ll be there.

-Emily smiles.-

Emily: Thank you.

-Emily leaves the stage.-

Zach: That was so emotional.

Ryan: Yeah, I definitely could feel her right now, and she´s through a lot. Well, let´s start. Alexandria, I love her, she is what glee needs right now.

- Camera flashes to waiting room.-

Alexandria: I´m so scared, Ryan says he wants me on glee, but right now he wants all of us on glee.

-Camera flashes to auditorium.-

Ryan: And Brandon is glee. You can just tell it, he´s very unique and I really love him, I think he´ll be another good addition.

-Camera flashes to waiting room.-

Brandon: Ryan said I´m glee and he also wants me to be on it, but maybe I´m just not what he wants right now.

-Camera flashes to auditorium.-

Ryan: And Emily. She´s so inspirational, emotional, you can really feel her when she performs, and what happened right now really inspired me, I can see how she wants this and I can see she´ll so anything to be on glee. She´s been through a lot, and she´s a role model.

-Camera flashes to waiting room.-

Emily: I just don´t know what to think. I was really bad this week, and I hope Ryan can see I will do my best and I won´t give up.

-Camera flashes to waiting room.-

Ryan: This is the most difficult elimination yet, I can see them all on glee. But, we have made our decision.

Zach: Sadly.

- Waiting room.-

-Robert walks in.-

Robert: Hey guys. So, unfortunately, the list is up, so, go take a look.

-Robert leaves the room.-

-The contenders hug Alexandria, Brandon and Emily, and they leave the room.-

-Alexandria walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Alexandria: I´m so nervous. I gave my best everytime, and I hope Ryan sees that.

-Brandon walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Brandon: I hope Ryan likes the character I could be on glee, I really want to stay and win this.

-Emily walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Emily: I´m literally shaking. I was so vulnerable this week, but I hope Ryan sees that I won´t give up until I win the competition, I´ll give it all, my way.

-Alexandria stares at the list.-

-Brandon stares at the list.-

-Emily stares at the list.-

-Emily smiles and walks away.-

Called back:

  • Andi
  • Taylen
  • Ryan
  • Emily
  • Brandon

​Not called back:

  • Alexandria

​-Brandon jumps and walks away.-

-Alexandria covers her face and cries.-

-The contenders gather around Alexandria.-

Confession cam, Alexandria: I´m leaving now. But I´m so happy of what I´ve done here, I´m not leaving sorry about myself, I know I always gave the best of me, and there´s much more to come.

-Keep Holding On, Alexandria-


There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



Keep holding on (holding on)

'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through

-On the next Project: Glee-

Narrator: Get ready for actability.

Andi: It´s only five of us and the pressure is really on.

Narrator: And get ready for a surprise.

Robert: We decided to change things this week....

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