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  • Amhs

    Hey guys! You know I`m back a fter a long hiatus, and I just finished episode 5, adaptability! Episode 6 will be Pairability. But I decide to change things for Episode 7, you guys get to decide the theme! These are the possible options:

    • Believability
    • Generosity
    • Theatricality
    • Rival-Ability

    So, leave your choice in the comments please! The one that has the most number of votes will be the theme.

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  • Amhs

    Hey everyone!

    May 2, 2013 by Amhs

    Hi! I know it`s been so long! I was having some VERY VERY important exams on Febraury, and after that I started school again and had no time to continue this. But now, I`m ready to come back! I really don`t know if people continue coming here. If you do read this, please comment! And try to spread the word please!

    Anyway, glad to be back! I`ll write adaptabality this saturday, and after that i`ll write every episode left on saturdays :D

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  • Amhs

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven´t been here, I was going through personal issues, but now everything´s okay and I´m back! 

    Here are the dates for the following episodes:

    Vulneability: January 12

    Sexuality: January 21

    Adaptability: January 28

    And then we´ll see how the rest goes!

    See ya!

    P.S; i also came up with an idea of project glee x factor! Yeah, it´ll be project glee´s contestants competing on the x factor, and you guys will be the judges! More info coming soon

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  • Amhs

    After Project: Glee

    November 27, 2012 by Amhs

    Hey guys :)

    Season 1 is over :( I gotta admit it was really hard for me writing the finale, I had been thinking about all this character the last 3 months, and they´re all great, and I had such a great time with them and you, it´s been a great expierence for me that I´ll never forget.

    Now that Season 1´s finished, I came up with this idea. I´ll post the names of every contender, and the creators of each one of them will tell me what happened to them after Project : Glee :)

    • Alexandria: She became a worldwide sensation after Project Glee. She sold 3 million copies of her album worldwide, and is now going to have her own concert with special guests, like co-contenders, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Bieber and others.
    • Andi
    • Brandon: Brandon has sold hi…
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  • Amhs

    Season 2 auditions!

    November 25, 2012 by Amhs

    Hey guys! After a great season 1 i´m doing a season 2! I want all of you guys to audition! You can audition a boy and a girl!

    I can´t wait to see your new characters!

    Audition form:







    Theme he/she is strong at:

    Week he/she is weak at:



    Celebrity portrayer:

    Why he/ she could win the fanfic:

    Last Chance Performance Song:

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CALLED BACK(no particular order):

    ·         Reid Shepard

    ·         Dillion Colton Summer

    ·         Cameron Flynn

    ·         Chace Hutchinson

    ·         Lohan Ridger

    ·         Jayden Wix

    ·         Elevate Choi

    ·         Simon Harris

    ·         Marina Bell

    ·         Roxi-Sa…

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