Hey guys! So everyone´s writing blogs with his/her blog characters feelings and I decided to create one of my thoughts! so, lets start...

So, I decided this week was Vulnerability. Vulnerability is my favourite week, its when we get to see the real contenders, I liove it so much, its when they´re all so vulnerable and the performances are great!

The episode started off with another catfight with the girls. Taylen feels the guys just stop her from achieving her goals! Taylen feels like she´s the only importanr girl in the world and that the rest is just crap that´s stopping her, but on this episode we learn why she´s like this, which is one of the reasons why I love vuknerability, we get to see their past and how they´ve become what they´re now.

Robert came in, told the group the week was vulnerability, and told them the HWA was I Wanna Hold Your Hand, kurts version! I love the song, kurt was so vulnerable when he sung, it was great! I came up with this idea of the contenders holding hands, and I thought it would be so nice and vulnerable!

Andi and Joy wanted ti hold hands with connor, but he picked another line! the girls die over him!

Brandon git ti hold hands with Drew, which made Ryan really jealous but got to sing the most vulnerable line!

Chris Colfer stepped in! I love Chris Colfer, he´s just so inspirational to thousands of people! he can be really vulnerable in both real life and on glee, he´s great!

Chris praised Lyla, Emily, Alexandria and Ryan! They all did great, and they´re the most vulnerable ones.

He picked Emily as the winner, she is allways happy, but she dfinitely showed her vulnerable side.

The guys talked with erik about their vulnerabilities and their vulnerable scenes that would be showed at fix you.

All the storys are so sad :(, we finally got to see the real Emily, it was great, all the stories were great.

Then drew cried and ryan comforted him, drews past was so hard. I loved that scene, and it almost made me cry when I wrote it!

I decided the video would have scenes which made the contender vulnerable on the past. I love all the scenes!

It´s time to pick the bottom 3. In the end Joy, Gray and Taylen performed for Ryan Murphy. They are the less vulnerable on the fanfic, and it would be so hard for someone to go him, beacuase they´re all great!

It was Grays time to go home :( I liked Gray, but Vulnerability was his time to go home.

Next is tenacity. There will not only be slushies, but much more challenges on the video. There will also be candi, joynor and dryan! get ready to see the new joy, and taylens bloodbath!

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