Hey guys :)

Season 1 is over :( I gotta admit it was really hard for me writing the finale, I had been thinking about all this character the last 3 months, and they´re all great, and I had such a great time with them and you, it´s been a great expierence for me that I´ll never forget.

Now that Season 1´s finished, I came up with this idea. I´ll post the names of every contender, and the creators of each one of them will tell me what happened to them after Project : Glee :)

  • Alexandria: She became a worldwide sensation after Project Glee. She sold 3 million copies of her album worldwide, and is now going to have her own concert with special guests, like co-contenders, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Bieber and others.
  • Andi
  • Brandon: Brandon has sold his solo albums, and has got into a relationship with Nial Horan. His concert will debut in Summer 2013.
  • Connor:
  • Drew:
  • Emily:
  • Emma:
  • Gray:
  • Jacob:
  • Joy:
  • Lyla:
  • Ryan:
  • Tyler:

Just leave your thoughts in the comments and then I´ll write it besides them :)

Thanks guys for this amasing journey.

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