Hey Brandon fans! So today was Pairability! It's probably one of my favorite weeks so far. When Robert said we were singing No Air, I wanted to freak out. I love that song, and I was happy to perform it. When we sat in the choir room, and Darren Criss walked in, I felt like Aylin. I was so nervous to perform to one of the cutest guys on Glee! I was happy to hear good feed-back from him. I wasn't at first to pleased to hear Ryan and I were paired up, but later on that week my opinion on him changed. I was excited to hear we were singing Defying Gravity. A Rachel and Kurt duet! I knew I could handle this song, I have a vocal range like Rachel!

In choreography Ryan and I did great. Zach said he could sense our rivalness with eachother. When we went to the booth we impressed Nikki, she said our voices sent her to heaven and back. That made me so emotional to hear she loved my voice. I knew I would be getting called back with how good I was doing. I was like on cloud nine with how good I have been doing so far.

At the video shoot Ryan and I rocked it once again. Erik loved how we were doing our music video. He could really sense how amazing our voices were! I literally felt like Rachel and Kurt during their diva off in season one. Of couse Ryan is the Kurt and I'm Rachel. Cause lets face it, who doesn't think I'm the next Rachel Berry on this show. I know that Ryan is going to be my toughest compeitor out of everyone. But I won't let him beat me, I will win both Project: Glee and Drew before this season's over.

The reveal of the bottom three was intense. There was so many people who really messed up this week. Luckily, me and Ryan weren't one of the people who screwed up. I was called back fourth, so I had nothing to worry about. I'm really hoping I don't have to meet Ryan until the finale. That would possibly make my chance of winning even better. Poor Drew was once again in the bottom, I felt bad, but I was thankful it wasn't me.

It was tough to hear that Connor was leaving. He was really talented and a sweet guy. But when it comes down to it, I was happy to hear I made it another week! Once again we did back-up to Keep Holding On, it was emotional, and Connor will be dearly missed!

Tune in next week for one hell of a performance.

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