Hey Brandon fans! So this weeks theme was.....Performability'. I was pretty excited to do this theme, I mean it's a big part of Glee. So when we got our lines, I was eager to begin. I couldn't for the life of me though figure out who the mentor would be. I never imagined seeing the amazing Heather Morris as the mentor.

So as we sat in the choir room, we all were just so excited. When Heather walked in we all were just amazed. She's an amazing performer, and I couldn't imagine anyone better for this theme. We sang Light Up the World for her, and it was really good. I enjoyed performing for her, although I didn't get a comment. I still was happy have her meet her future co-worker. ;) We were informed our song was Paradise by Dashboard Lights. It's a really good song, so I was excited to perform it this week.

Choreography wasn't very fun this week. Drew and I did terrible! I hated how awful I did, and I knew I could be at risk for elimination. I mean we're at the top nine now, so anything can put us in the bottom!

The video shoot wasn't my best either. My choreography was just really off this week. I wasn't connected at all, and the mentors and Erik could see it. I didn't know what my future held this week. I think I was so terrified of possibly being in the bottom. Overall the video was fun to shoot, even though I was at risk of being in the bottom.

The reveal of the bottom three was intense. I was so nervous, I knew I belonged in the bottom this week. But luckily, it wasn't my week in the bottom. I felt bad for Andi, Drew, and Joy, but honestly I was happy. I did not want to be in the bottom!

In the end, it was sweet Joy to leave. I really will miss her, she was a good friend. But I was relieved to make it to the final eight, and that makes my dream one step closer to a reality. As always, we sang back-up vocals to Joy's KHO.

Tune in next week to see some rivalries get bigger.

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