Hey y'all Brandon fans! I know it has been such a long hiatus, but we're back with such a nail biting episode. As most fans know the episode is called Rival-ability, basically the theme is something really important to Glee! This was a really interesting week, and yes there was some drama between Ryan, Drew, and I.

We all sat in the choir room waiting for our special guest to arrive, and not to much of a surprise it was Naya Rivera! She is one of my biggest role models on Glee! She like Chris are the gay characters on the show and they play it so well! Naya couldn't have came for a better week, I mean Santana is always making rivalries with people on the show, so she was perfect for this theme. We sang and Naya could see my talent, and she also noticed my at the time hatred for Ryan. Taylen in the end won, it was pretty nerve racking. This makes her second win, but I think she is perfect for the theme.

Choreography was interesting, me and Ryan did perfect as usual. We always kill when we're paired as a team!

The booth was easy once again, Nikki had no negative comments on either of our lines, so we did well.

The video shoot was interesting, Drew messed up again, and was pretty upest about it. I out of impulse kissed him....which upset Ryan. It caused some problems between us, but we killed when it was our time to perform. We did bury the hatch.

The reveal of the bottom three was pleasing, I was called back third, thank god! I felt badfor the bottom, but I am not ready to leave yet! I want to make it to the top without meeting Ryan.

In the end Drew left. We sang back-up to him and he left. It was sad to see him go, but I am one step closer to winning this competition.

Tune in next week for Theatricality where the competitions getting real.

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