Hey my lovely Brandon fans! This week was Tenacity! That's right, one of the most toughest weeks on here. It's all about showing what makes you stronger. I was happy to hear we were singing Part Of Me. I felt like I could handle that song with a breeze. I was happy to see Mrs. Amber Riley in the choir room. I needed to meet the star I would be belting with when I win my role on Glee. (; I was really relieved to hear she liked my voice, it made me feel a hundred and ten percent better. Sadly, I didn't impress her enough to win, but I know she will meet me again.

We got to sing Titanium one of my favorite songs. In the booth I rocked it out with Nikki, and she didn't have anything bad to say about it.

The video shoot was really good, it was fun to get hit. It makes me feel more like an underdog. Although this was an intense week, I knew I had to pull through it. I was suprised we did this, this early though. But no matter what I don't plan on meeting Ryan until hopefully the finale! Wouldn't that be amazing?

The reveal of the bottom three was interesting, poor Drew had to be in the bottom. I hated that, but obviously I wouldn't say anything. Ryan is with him twenty-four seven!

It was sad to see Emma leave. She was a talented person and a good friend. So it was hard to sing back-up vocals to Keep Holding On with her. None the less, I am one more step closer to my dreams!

Stay tuned next week to see me get romantic with the other contenders.

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