Hey Brandon fans. So this weeks theme was, drum roll please, Vulnerability. I would have to say, I get emotional doing this. It's not easy to tell people my feelings all the time. I was very eager to hear our song for this week, and I was pleased to know it was I Want To Hold Your Hand. One Chris Colfer sang that, and two he also mentored this week! So it was rough peforming his song for him. I was very nervous but excited. I was pleased I beat Ryan for the line I deserved and finally got to hold Drew's hand. I got what I wanted so check. I want him, but I won't fight Ryan like a fifth grader over it.

The booth was good, as always Nikki was impressed. I love getting such good critique from her!

The set was interesting. It was tough being so vulnerable but I did it. I loved doing this week in the end. It made me realized how much I wanted to be on Glee. So I will fight to the nail to win now. No one's going to stop me from being where I belong.

The reveal of the bottom was scary. I knew I was good, I had worked hard all week. So I had no real worries of being low. But I was sad to see my friends in the bottom.

In the end we sang back-up once again to poor Gray. But that's just one more down, until my role on Glee.

Tune in next week to see how tenacious we can get. (:

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