Hi my Cassinators! So this weeks theme was Individuality. Wow, I just can't believe that I'm here. I can remember watching this last season, rooting for people, and now it's me who people are rooting for! We all finally met eachother, it was interesting. I'm not to fond of Roxi, she's really rude, and I won't put up with her nonsense. We found out our first home work assignment song, it was Grace Kelly. It's such a fantastic song for this theme!

In the choir room we all awaited our first special guest. It was Brandon Foster! I absolutley loved him last season! We performed for him, and he told me that I killed it! I was so happy to get positive feed back from someone I was such a fan of. Sadly I didn't win. It was still nice to meet him. We were told our song was Express Yourself!

Choereography was pretty simple. I struggle a little bit when it comes to dancing, but I was not going to led it hinder me. Zack was hilarious, as always!

I met Nikki for the first time in vocals, and she loved my voice! I was told I had a pure voice, and she said she would love to hear me over and over again. I just love her!

The video shoot was pressuring. This is where it can get hard. You have to lip sync, dance, and act correctly. So I was so scared I would screw up. Instead I acutally did really well! So I was so happy to perform my part.

The reveal of the bottom three was nerve racking. It was our first bottom, and I didn't want to be the one to meet Ryan tonight. I was called back second, to my relief!

In the end it was Elevate to go. I was sad to see him leave, he was a good friend. We sung back up to his Keep Holding On, he's the first of many.

Tune in for a tenacious episode next week on Project: Glee! ;)

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