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    Joy's Performability Blog

    September 22, 2012 by Cat5sparkles

    Hey guys... *sniffles*

    So, this week was Performability week, and Heather Morris was the guest star. I was really happy about that. We sang Light Up The World and Alexandria won the homework assignment.

    The music video was Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf. We performed it on a stage like the competitions on Glee. It was a lot of fun.

    I was in the bottom three. I sang Fighter.

    Apparently, I wasn't ruthless enough and got eliminated.

    I'm devastated about it. I really am. I had a lot of fun and really thought I had a chance of winning this thing. Guess not...

    I'm rooting for everyone, though. Good luck, guys.

    -Joy... I guess.

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  • Cat5sparkles

    Joy's Pairability Blog

    September 2, 2012 by Cat5sparkles

    Team Joy! Hey! *smiles, waves*

    So, this week was Pairability, and things went pretty good. But let me tell you about it, so you understand my mixed emotions.

    Old Joy is back. *puts hands up and smiles* New Joy was a nice run, but I'm not a bitch. That's not me. And for the record... Candi is freaking adorable. I think my little crush on Connor was just to make Jonas jealous if he was watching. But I really hope that I can improve my "friendship" with Andi. I respect her, I really do.

    The guest mentor this week was Darren Criss. *smiles and nods* I was fangirling my little ass off when he came into the room. He's perfect. Just perfect. He's my, uh, celebrity crush... Shh! Don't tell anyone! The homework assignment was No Air by Jordin Sparks a…

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  • Cat5sparkles

    Joy's Tenacity Blog

    August 30, 2012 by Cat5sparkles

    Hey, Team Joy! *smiles and waves*

    This week was Tenacity week, and I feel that I gave my all this week. I have an abundance to be tenacious about; my parents divorced on messy terms when I was twelve years old. My dad and my mom would fight so much, I don't remember a moment in the house when someone wasn't yelling or slamming doors. I know some kids would switch between their mom and dad after a divorce, but not my family. No. My mom wouldn't allow it, and she made me and my brother stay with her. My ex-boyfriend's a jerk. No, really, he is. He was alway so arrogant and rude to myself and others. I don't even know why we started dating in the first place. He didn't force me to date him or have relations with him or anything, nothing like t…

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  • Cat5sparkles

    What up, Team Joy? *giggles*

    This week was Vulnerability week. We all had to talk about what makes us vulnerable about ourselves to Erik. I could see it was hard for some people. It was sad. I don't like sad moments, it's just too... sad. I'm not very vulnerable myself, but after what happened in my senior year of high school, I don't really want to get my heart broken. But if anything happens with Connor... I'll take my chances.

    The guest mentor this week was Chris Colfer! *covers face* He's a big inspiration to me, how he is so comfortable with himself. I'm a bit self-conscious from time to time, but then again, who isn't, you know? The homework assignment was I Wanna Hold Your Hand, the slow version from Glee. It's a great song, I just lo…

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  • Cat5sparkles

    Joy's Sexuality Blog

    August 23, 2012 by Cat5sparkles

    Hello, Team Joy! *smiles and waves*

    So, this week was Sexuality week. I had fun, I probably will every week I stay, but sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable being sexy... And there's a reason for that. You see. I'm a *mumbles something under her hand*

    Wh-What did I say?

    Um... I'm a *mumbles something under hand again*

    You're not joking, you really wanna know what I said?

    Okay... *takes a deep breath* I'mavirgin. Wh-Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with me? Oh... *blushes* Aww, you're surprised that I'm not? I take that as a compliment, but I've wanted to wait till marriage. Well, I HAD a boyfriend in high school. A jerk ex-boyfriend. He was really arrogant, and I'm glad we broke up. He was a bitch. I don't care i…

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