For months, I've tried searching for the one that can love me, the one that I can love back in return. However, many relationships I've been in never lasted for long, a boyfriend that abandoned me, a boyfriend that lied about himself, and  a girlfriend that wanted to be just friends. I know that I'm young at heart, and I still have my whole future ahead, but I can't even think that way, especially ever since I met Grant. 

If it wasn't for that Project Glee link on the Glee Wiki chat, I would have never forced myself to audition for something so interesting. I was too shy to talk to him, I never knew who he was, never interacted with him yet. I always feared if he was mean. But he was just right, a friendly guy with a kind heart. 

His first words were: "I love Lohan and Roxi!", and my words were "Thanks!". I had a feeling we would be friends. That's when just that moment, I joined in, helping out with the background and new style, and talking to Grant made me feel more alive. It was then noted that I had developed a crush on Mr. Grant. It was hard for me to show, since I never knew much about him just yet, but when I heard the word "bisexual". Whoop, there went my heart bursting. It just got more real as we "virtually kissed" each other, the flirting, and the names, "honey, and sweetheart". It was just so obvious that I liked him. And then me and Grant began dating.

Grant and I have undeniable chemistry. He's a sweetheart, he makes me feel like I'm floating up in the sky. He has the most beautiful face ever, he's the cutest. He's funny, hardworking, intelligent, caring, and everything I've ever wanted in a significant other. I can clearly say that my wish has been finally GRANTed. 

I love you so much, Grant, you are the most amazing part of my life, and nothing will ever change the way that I feel about you. You are so special, and really awesome, and I appreciate everything that you have done. 

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