What's up, my RoxiRockers! 

Hmm, week one, week one. Tsk tsk tsk.  This week was all about Individuality. Pretty much SOMETHING I thought I showed a lot. But, I guess I was wrong. So, me and that Mikaela chick got into a fight about a line, I didn't get it, yeah. I was mad as hell, what do you think? I don't like her, she may be pretty, but she'll never get up to my level. EVER. She won the homework assignment for nothing when it could have been me. Ain't that a bitch? >.>

We perform "Grace Kelly" for our homework assignment, and out of all of that, Brandon says that my performance was "kinda forced". Kinda forced? What the hell do you know, you Justin Bieber looking motherf--. Mmm. Let me keep my cool, I'm not gonna let him get to me. That pendejo. 

Anyway, we performed Express Yourself for the week, which is one of my favorite songs by Madonna, and I pretty much did good. I got called back, even though I wasn't the first one, I did the best because I AM THE BEST. Go Roxi, go Roxi, it's your birthday.

So, the bottom three was Elevate, that cute little boy Simon, and that Jayden. It's something about those two are like soooooo hot, they leave me drooling. But that other dude is gay, so my luck is all gone, and that Simon dude is all on Hermoine, that girl who looks like something from the Harry Potter series. 

Finding out that Elevate was going home, I was pretty shocked. He was a pretty cool person, to be honest, but I guess there's always another place to compete. Oh well, as long as it wasn't me, I beez good. See me kick some ass in Tenacity, RoxiRockers!

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