Hey RoxiRockers. This week has been total hell, well for me it has. I finally gave that bitch Mikaela a piece of my mind. I just can't take her anymore, I can't. If she says one more word to me, I swear I'll go Hurricane Roxi. So, Joy Lexington mentored this week, and she gave me good feedback, which I felt really good about, but I didn't win the assignment. Marina did. I mean, she's good, though. As long as it's not Mikaela, I'm cool.

So, we performed "Livin' On A Prayer", at first I was like I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT. THAT IS MY JAM! But then finding out we would be slushied and sh*t, I was like oh hell no, I ain't doing this. But I did it anyway, and it was pretty fun, but it was pretty cool. Trueeeee.

So, the reveal of the bottom three. Eh, I was pretty surprised about it, but at the same time I wasn't, I knew who deserved to be at risk at the time, but I was scared sh*tless about who was going to be eliminated. Shockingly, it was two freaking people. The dude I actually considered my friend, Lohan and that Bella Thorne looking girl, Eliza. I was really emotional about it, and it's just really sad seeing Lohan go, he was an amazing guy, and I think that he could have made it really far. But I guess what's best is best. Vulnerability, here I come.

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