Yes, it is I, Roxi, once again, my amazing, sweet, and awesome RoxiRockers! This week has been one of the most emotional weeks I've had so far, but also the most improving. I'm really happy. :3 Instead of fighting over parts for the Homework Assignment, I decided to give mines to Dillion. Everyone was like..... "whaaaaaa?"

Take that, guys. I have my sweet side, don't get me wrong.

So, for the Homework Assignment, we performed Chasing Cars, which is honestly one of my favorite songs, and I had gotten once again good feedback, but I didn't win, which was okay. Hermoine did deserve it though. I went into the studio to perform vocals for Skyscraper, and I had impressed Nikki, and then I did awesome on the videoshoot, and you guys know what that resulted in?

FIRST ON THE FREAKING CALLBACK LIST. AAAAAAAAAH! GO ROXI! GO ROXI! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! GO ROXI! YES. I made 1st on the callback list, I am so awesome, right? :)

So, the bottom three was that bit--, I mean, Mikaela, then Reid, then Cameron. Cameron got eliminated, unfortunately. Eh, not really shocked, even though I did think the person I actually think is hot, Reid (shh, don't tell anyone!), was going to be eliminated because I didn't really see him give his all. But oh well, sh*t happens. :3

You guys, once again, will see me again, RoxiRockers! This time, I'm getting SEXUAL. Get ready for a RoxiRollercoasterRide next week!

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