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  • FabrittanaForever

    Hi Team Lyla! This week was Tenacity. The week started with us being so sad that Gray left. I mean seriously,he was the sweetest guy ever. Then Taylen started attacking everyone for no reason. She really just needs to calm down and enjoy life.

    When Robert annnounced it was Tenacity,I was so excited. When discussing who gets what line,Joy started acting weird and said there was a new Joy. She started Taylen. The song was Part Of Me by Katy Perry! I love that song. Ad then Amber Riley walked in and I screamed. I love here. I didn't win he HW,but NEW Joy did. Old Joy was much nicer. I miss her. Our MV was Titanium! I did fine in everything and the MV turned out really well. It was super fun! In the end,Emma got sent h… Read more >
  • FabrittanaForever

    Hi Team Lyla! Sorry for the lateness. Anyway,this week was Vulnerability.

    The week started with Andi and Taylen fighting. AGAIN. It feels like this is happening every week. I wish we could all just be friends. We did I Want To Hold Your Hand for the HW assignment. I love that song and it was so much fun to perform. Chris Colfer gave me positive feedback! It was great.
    Later,we talked about our vulnerabilities. Everyone's was so sad! Mine is when people don't like me. I actually had to transfer schools when I came out because everyone hated me.
    We did Fix You for the music video which was super sad. I did really good though.
    Now time for what you all want me to talk about. The couples. Drew and Ryan are a couple! They are so…

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  • FabrittanaForever

    Helloooo Team Lyla. *heart sign with fingers*

    So let's talk about Sexuality Week. So we were discussing what week we thought it was and then Taylen started being mean to Andi for no reason. I hate bullying,and I mean HATE it. So naturally,I stood up for her. Then Taylen accused me of liking her. That isn't true. She is just my friend. Just because I'm bi,doesn't mean I like every girl and boy I see.Luckily,Emily broke up our almost-fight. I really didn't want to make enemies,but tTaylen is bringing out this side of me.

    Then Robert came in and announced it was Sexuality Week! I LOVE this week. Gray and Taylen started flipping out over it. Our HW assignment was Do You Wanna Touch. Later, Taylen and I started fighting over line thirteen. I want…

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  • FabrittanaForever

    Hi Team Lyla! It feels so wierd to be sayng that,knowing I have a team. Love you guys! Anyway, this week was so fun. I made tons of new friends and no enemies. I think I want to keep it that way. I'm closest to Emily and Drew. Emily is so sweet and easy to talk to. Plus she looks like Dianna Agron! Drew is bi,just like me. It's nice to have someone else around that likes guys AND girls. We became really good friends. Alexandria is hilarious and really nice. Andi seems nice enough,but I feel like there's something going on we don't know about. Brandon is super-talented and is the male version of Rachel Berry! I guess Connor is nice enough,he's very quiet though. Emma is definitly a leader and very smart. Gray is super hot and a flirt. Jaco…

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