Helloooo Team Lyla. *heart sign with fingers*

So let's talk about Sexuality Week. So we were discussing what week we thought it was and then Taylen started being mean to Andi for no reason. I hate bullying,and I mean HATE it. So naturally,I stood up for her. Then Taylen accused me of liking her. That isn't true. She is just my friend. Just because I'm bi,doesn't mean I like every girl and boy I see.Luckily,Emily broke up our almost-fight. I really didn't want to make enemies,but tTaylen is bringing out this side of me.

Then Robert came in and announced it was Sexuality Week! I LOVE this week. Gray and Taylen started flipping out over it. Our HW assignment was Do You Wanna Touch. Later, Taylen and I started fighting over line thirteen. I wanted it at the same time as Taylen. I wasn't just going to give in to her. We did rock-paper,scizzors and I won! I got line thirteen.'

' We had to perform it for MARK SAILING. I absoulutely love him. He is really hot. And...he said I had confidence,was sexy,and he was ATTRACTED to me! I didn't even care that I didn't win the homework. Mark's words just went around my head.'

' I had 2 partners for the MV. And it was a lesbian trio. *laugh* Joy and Alexandria. Alexandria is one of my closer friend here,but I don't know Joy that well. Joy had alittle trouble in it too,while me and Alexandria managed to get sexy. But soon she finally got it.'

' Later,I found Taylen and Gray. KISSING. People think I cried because I like them,but really,I think Gray deserves someone much better. I got upset cand called Taylen a bitch. Honestly,Ive never called ANYONE that before,but Taylen has forced it out of me.'

' Luckily,I was one of the 1st called back and Tyler got sent home. I was really sad he was one of my best friends here. I'll miss him.'

' Stay tuned for next week and see me get vulnerable! *heart sign* BYE!'

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