Hi Team Lyla! This week was Tenacity. The week started with us being so sad that Gray left. I mean seriously,he was the sweetest guy ever. Then Taylen started attacking everyone for no reason. She really just needs to calm down and enjoy life.

   When Robert annnounced it was Tenacity,I was so excited. When discussing who gets what line,Joy started acting weird and said there was a new Joy. She started Taylen.
   The song was Part Of Me by Katy Perry! I love that song. Ad then Amber Riley walked in and I screamed. I love here. I didn't win he HW,but NEW Joy did. Old Joy was much nicer. I miss her.
  Our MV was Titanium! I did fine in everything and the MV turned out really well. It was super fun!
  In the end,Emma got sent home. She was great,I'm gonna miss her.

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