Hi Team Lyla! Sorry for the lateness. Anyway,this week was Vulnerability.

   The week started with Andi and Taylen fighting. AGAIN. 
 It feels like this is happening every week. I wish we could all just be friends.
    We did I Want To Hold Your Hand for the HW assignment. I love that song and it was so much fun to perform. Chris Colfer gave me positive feedback! It was great. 

    Later,we talked about our vulnerabilities. Everyone's was so sad! Mine is when people don't like me. I actually had to transfer schools when I came out because everyone hated me.

     We did Fix You for the music video which was super sad. I did really good though.
     Now time for what you all want me to talk about. The couples. Drew and Ryan are a couple! They are so cute together. And I hear that Andi and Connor kissed. But I don't know much about that.
   Anyway,Gray got out. I cried. I loved him,he was so sweet. Tune in next time!

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