Dear team Andi,

Rough week for us huh? Can you belive the week I get back with Connor HE GETS VOTED OFF! Such good luck right? Anyway this was a fun week other wise. I realized I've been being way to vunreble in this competition. I'm not letting Taylen walk all over me anymore. I'mn fighting back. I'm fighting back for Connor. But mostly I'm fighting back for me.

Anyway, Vocals were relativly easy, dancing.... er not to easy.. not to hard. Ugh I'm sorry that these blogs are getting shorter and shorter. I just dont have much to talk about anymore. Not much more drama going on. But....

Me and my brothers and sisters video chatted the other day for hours. Then Taylen walked in and my little brother made her mad! It was awesome. Taylen said "Wow Andi! Thats some ugly kids you have there" and so He said.. "Are you sure that your not looking at your kids?" Her face... priceless.

Anyway! Goodbye team Andi,Luff to all!



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