Hi, Team Andi.

Um well this week was Tenacity and.. well stuff happend. Um We didn't have Choregraphy. We um just went straight to Vocals and Nikki was.. um i guess fun? The video shoot was okay. I couldn't lip synch and get hit by a slushie at the same time. Zach came to talk to me and told me I wasn't being energetic enough. Um I don't know why. Well. I do. But I don't want to type about it. Well. Bye for now. I guess.


~Part two~

Hey team Andi!

This week was okay! But still sucked at some parts. So we didnt have choregraphy, we went straight to vocals with Nikki. I did well. I stepped outside of the booth like "La di da dee do" and say a horifying act going on outside, CONNOR KISSED JOY!!! Because, Connor, I MEAN THATS COOL! But anyway, I made a blog post earlier in the week. It was like sad! BUT ANYWAY. I was in the bottom 3 :(. But I didn't get eliminated. Poor Emma did. Ryan liked me, he really really LIKED ME!! Well, gotta go now!



Oh, And P.S



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