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    Hermione's Tenacity Blog

    December 17, 2012 by NHoran

    Hi Horanatics :)

    Well this week is Tenacity and my only intention is to make a great impression . But it doesn't go well as I expected ,  I can't be tenacious instead I became vulnereable remembering my father and sister's deaths. Well , Tenacity is about being ferocious and never giving up in times of problems or whatsoever but all I know is I didn't gave them all of this .

    I'm so glad that So What is our Homework Assignment because its lyrics really define Tenacity . While choosing our lines , Roxi and Mikaela had a catfight for who will take the line number one. They grab each others hair and I'm just " Seriously , for a line you will start a fight ? " . They are like Cat and Dog seriously . Thanks God i have the sweetest friends in the h…

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  • NHoran

    Hi Hermione fans out there :):):)

    Its been a great week for me but not for the others . This week we have INDIVIDUALITY and it was awesome . We sang Grace Kelly infront of BRANDON FOSTER . I'm not a fan of BRANDON so i think he noticed it and didn't give me a feedback ( laughs ) . So Mikaela won this week and she was amazing , she really stand out of all of us . Our Mv this week is Express yourself which fits in our theme this week . I think I felt amazing this week so I'm hoping a higher call-back but when it is the revealing of Bottom 3 , I'm 8th on the call-back list and I don't want it to happen on the next week . Jayden , Elevate and Simon was in the bottom 3 and I was scared for Simon because I feel something special with him and I don't want lose it li…

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  • NHoran

    Alexandria's Pairability Blog

    September 2, 2012 by NHoran

    Good Day everyone :):):):)

    I'm on Top 9 baby , woohooo :):):) .

    So this week is all about singing in duets cause its pairability. For me , Pairability is about connecting with your partner and having coordination when you are both performing in the stage.

    So Mr. Roberto ( laughs ) , entered our room to tell us the theme and our homework assignment , No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown . That song is very catchy and I love it to the bones . So my bestie is now taking the lead teaching us what we gonna do on our homework assignment. The next day is performing time for our special guest which is Darren Criss . He is so cute , I really admire him . I only have a question , is he straight ??? I don't know ( laughs ) . I think i nailed the song…

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  • NHoran

    Alexandria's Tenacity Blog

    August 30, 2012 by NHoran

    Hey !

    So this week is tenacity and as always , this week starts with the drama between Andi and Taylen Featuring Lyla and Emily ( Laughs ) . As you notice Taylen really changed , she is more bitch this week than last week and I think she is the worst bitch i've ever encounter .

    Robert came to tell us the Theme this week which is Tenacity and and our song for our Homework assignment . Part of Me , Our HWA , is one of the greatest songs of Katy Perry which i enjoyed a lot . Amber Riley is our guest mentor this week . She is really a Unique Person and also Inspiring . Performing Part of me is great , I have fun but I didn't forget to be Tenacious . I am so glad that she noticed me and she also praised my performance . Joy is our homework winne…

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  • NHoran

    Predictions !!!

    August 26, 2012 by NHoran

    Hi !!

    I'm doing this predictions for fun :):):) And i will also doing this every week :):):)

    14th- Jacob

    13th - Tyler

    12th- Gray

    11th- Emma

    10th- Joy

    9th - Connor

    8th - Andi

    7th - Drew

    6th - Lyla

    5th - Alexandria

    4th - Taylen

    3rd - Brandon

    Runner-up - Emily

    Winner - Ryan

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