Hi Team Alexandria !

This week is Individuality week which is the very important week for me because this is important to be on Glee. Individuality is being who you are , loving yourself and being not ashamed of it . It is also about standing out of the group. When I entered the room , I got really excited because I will meet a new bunch of friends. One of my first friends in the house is Emily . I really like her because of her attitude and her story that I can relate to . I found Gray annoying . I don't really like him seeing shirtless , its disgusting . I'am also not close to Taylen , she's a bratt , you know ! .

When Robert came into the room to tell us that our theme for the week is Individuality and that we are singing one of the most remembered performamce in Glee Don't Stop Believin by the Journey , I got really excited because i know i can do it and that we are performing to the one of the greatest star of Glee.

When Lea Michele walked into the room , I got surprised because the lead star of Glee was now infront of us .After Performing the song , I was confident that she would pick me or praised me but she didn't . I gave my 110% percent but i was not chosen . Brandon deserves the win and maybe he would be my strongest competitor.

In the booth with Nikki excites me a lot . After singing My line in our song I Love Rock N' Roll . I got the the confidence that i would not be performing to Ryan . Zach , our choreographer , is really amazing . He is so charming and funny and he is also a great teacher . I loved that i did a pretty good job in our session.

Working with Director Erik is awesome . I like the concept of our music video . Its totally a chaos . Breaking the desks , the windows and anything . I totally love the outcome of our video

Reaveling of the bottom 3 is totally heart-Breaking . Brandon was the called first on the call back and i think he deserves it cause he totally rocked it. Hearing Robert called my name was totally awesome. I was called 5th on the callback list .

Waiting for the bottom 3 to get back in the room after their performance was really frightening coz i don't have the idea who i think is going.

Seeing Jacob going is sad even though i'am not really close to him . Singing back-up vocals while he is singing Keep Holding On was very emotional . I can't stop myself crying .

Stay Tuned because next week HOTNESS will OVERLOAD .

~ Alexandria Jorge Harvard ~

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