Hey Team Alexandria !!!

As all you know this week is Vulnerability which is very hard to me because i don't want to remember anymore my past .

This week starts AGAIN with a little drama between Taylen and Andi . For me , they act like kids because they are fighting for a small things . When Robert enter our room and revealing that this week is vulnerability and we will be singing I Want To Hold Your Hand , there is only person came in my mind , my mom ( cries , a little bit ) . I really miss her and i just want to hug her but i can't . She is stil in jail , seeing her sad was very hard for me because I loved her more than anything . If My dad can see this , I hope he come and visit my mom in th jail to apoligize what he have done .

When Chris Colfer ( Kurt ) enter the room , I got really excited to perform infront of him because he is the only glee character i can relate to if we are talking about vulnerability .Even though I didn't win the homework assignment , I'm so glad that he praised my performance and he liked it .

This week , Confession with Erik is the hardest one for me . Telling him my past makes me cry coz I don't want to talk it anymore . It feels good when Lyla hugged me coz that time i really need a friend comfrontation .

The outcome of our video is great . It made me cry when i saw it Because its really touching and believable .

This week , i was 4th on the callback list and that was a lot higher than last week which i was 7th . This week's bottom 3 are Joy , Gray and Taylen . They did a really great job on their performances but in the end Gray was sent home which is not shocking to me cause in this group , he is the less vulnerable .

Next week will be Tenacious coz it was tenacity !!!

~ Alexandria ~

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