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  • NHoran

    Hey Team Alexandria !!!

    As all you know this week is Vulnerability which is very hard to me because i don't want to remember anymore my past .

    This week starts AGAIN with a little drama between Taylen and Andi . For me , they act like kids because they are fighting for a small things . When Robert enter our room and revealing that this week is vulnerability and we will be singing I Want To Hold Your Hand , there is only person came in my mind , my mom ( cries , a little bit ) . I really miss her and i just want to hug her but i can't . She is stil in jail , seeing her sad was very hard for me because I loved her more than anything . If My dad can see this , I hope he come and visit my mom in th jail to apoligize what he have done .

    When Chris…

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  • NHoran

    Alexandria's Sexuality Blog

    August 25, 2012 by NHoran

    Hey to Team Alexandria !!! Whats up :):):)

    The theme of the week is sexuality ( yay !!!! )

    Performing our homeworK assignment excites me a lot because we are performing for Mark Salling ( Noah on Glee ) and because my partner is Connor which is one of my crushes on the house . I was surprised that Mark praised my performance even though i didn't win . Taylen win the homework which i was dissapointed because I think Gray did a great job and deserves to win the Homework more than her .

    Our music video had a lot of kissing scenes . My scene is with Joy and lyla and it was really fun to shoot :):):) This was a really Lesbian week for me (ahahahaahahahah !!!) . Drew and Ryan ws the sexiest couple of the bunch , their kissing scene is too hot and…

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  • NHoran

    Hi Team Alexandria !

    This week is Individuality week which is the very important week for me because this is important to be on Glee. Individuality is being who you are , loving yourself and being not ashamed of it . It is also about standing out of the group. When I entered the room , I got really excited because I will meet a new bunch of friends. One of my first friends in the house is Emily . I really like her because of her attitude and her story that I can relate to . I found Gray annoying . I don't really like him seeing shirtless , its disgusting . I'am also not close to Taylen , she's a bratt , you know ! .

    When Robert came into the room to tell us that our theme for the week is Individuality and that we are singing one of the most…

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