Hello Team Emily. How is everyone doing? My best wishes goes to all of you!

Individuality week. I shall rate is as 8/10. I had a great week. Met so many new people. They come in all shapes and sizes. I am close with everyone of them.

First of all, I am so happy and delighted to be chosen to be in The Glee Project! My Main Reason? Well, I get to be away from my horrible life at home. I can escape to this whole new glee life! Its so soothing to be away from my horrible step-parents! But I do miss my daughter, Stella.

So Robert walks in and gives us a warm welcome. Then he calls out our guest mentor! LEA MICHELLE!!! And she reveals our theme for the week, INDIVIDUALITY!

So, our homework assignment was Don't Stop Believin! Lea Michelle is so lovely and beutiful. She was so nice! The Homework assignment went perfectly! They praised me for being great! That made my day.

Then to our music video it was announced that its Individuality week. It means we are all by ourselves. We have to stand out. I did mine well. Lip Sync was well. And Nikki praised me at the studio for doing with all my heart.

It was then time to reveal the bottom 3. Wow! It was nerve-wrecking! And Robert announced that I was called back! My name was the third to call. I am so happy and thrilled. But I also felt bad for the three bottom. They did good too at the music video.

At the end, it was Jacob who had to leave. He was crying and I gave him this big hug. Poor guy. He was so friendly and bubbly. He was awesome and I wish him the best for his career!

Next week is Sexuality. I am excited! Lets get this party going!!

Take care people! See you all soon

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