Hello Team Emily. How is everyone doing? My best wishes goes to all of you!

Tenacity week. I shall rate is as 5/10. I had a pretty quiet week.

So Robert walks in and reveals Tenacity Week and calls out Amber Riley. Amber is beautiful and unique. We did our homework assignment okay.

Then to our music video. It means we have to showcase Tenacity.Amber didn't really say anything about me. I felt offended. Oh Well.

It was then time to reveal the bottom 3. And Robert announced that I was called back! My name was the sixth to call. I was very disapointed. I really thought I would do well but I guess that that much of a stand out. But I also felt bad for the three bottom. They did good too at the music video.

At the end, it was little sweet Emma who had to leave. It was sad to see her go. I gave her a kiss and cried the whole time

Next week is Pairability. We shall see how that goes on.

Take care people! See you all soon

WAIT! I am Not done. I have been so quiet the whole week as I am mad at Taylen for labelling me "Mother" after I tried stopping her from arguing with Andi. I mean, Come On! Start being nice! And don't push away people who are there for you. Its not like we'll be here all the time.

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