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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    What's up! Dillion in the house! xD

    (sighs)Hard week, man. This week required everyone to get vulnerable. It was like sad seeing everyone tell about their rocked past. I felt bad for them. I mean compared what happened to some of them my life doesn't compare. 

    I don't think this was my best week. I mean I'm not sad about my past. I mean I don't want to go in my room and cry about it, ya know? *rubs head* I mean I think I'm more angry about it. I mean I just felt like my father should have stepped up for me and my brothers. He should have taught us how to act. I mean yeah I knew right from wrong. But you know I was just a kid without a mother and a father who didn't really care. And I had these two older brothers who heavily influenced me *sh…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    What's up! Dillion in the house! xD

    Man, can you believe I'm here? Me? The bad boy. The one all the teachers said was headed on the pathway to trouble. I'm here on Project:Glee to make a name for myself. 

    Living with all these contenders is different. Back at my condo I can just kick my feet back and do whatever I want. Now it's not just me. It's me and about 15 other people. Not what I'm used to. But I'm not gonna let it affect me. I mean I can deal with it. It's all about the game. Ya know?

    The people in the house, how would I describe them? Most of them are cool and laid back. Seem like they'd be cool to hang with. Well except for these two chicks that argued about a line in a song. I don't like people that argue over stupid arguments. I m…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    Hey Team Audri! My Audri-lites. Cute name, huh? :)(:

    I am blown away right now. I mean it's all a lot to soak in. I mean I'm on Project:Glee. I'm getting the chance of a lifetime.

    And I can't believe I have a fans. This is like one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that I have fans out there that support me. Not something I'm used to. I love it though. 

    It's definitely something different being in the house. You're with all these new people. I'm used to just me and my daughter. Now I'm in a whole new environment.  I mean we're all so different. I mean it's like college but not the same. But I think it's going to be nice seeing how a group of different individuals blend in the house togeher. Hopefully it will be good and fun. 

    Well, ma…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    So me and Grant (AMHS) were talking and we decided that just like last season there were going to be pairings of the contenders. You know like a relationship. But Grant thought it would only be fair if the users told or not whether you wanted your contender to be paired with someone. 

    So here's what you do in the comment section below you list who you want your contender to be with, you know if you want your contender to be paired with someone. But the thing is the other user has to agree to wanted his or her contender to be paired with you. 

    When a relationship has been confirmed by both users they'll be added to the list so that no one picks the same person twice. 

    If you have any questions come to Grant (AMHS) or me, Nemo. (SamcedesandKlai…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This will be a little bit different, because this time I'm gonna have Taylen be the narrator.

    The episode is Glee-Alitiy. Taylen had just won and she was packing her stuff to go home.

    I was packing my stuff ready to go home. I couldn't believe I had won. I mean I always had plans on winning. I had the determination and the drive to do it. And I did it. I came here and won. I did what some people said I would do and some people said I would fall trying.

    Gray walked in my room smiling. I loved his smile. He was actually wearing a shirt. He looked good in those too. It was so different seeing him in person. It wasn't like skype or talking on the phone. I could actually define his features. He had dimples and dark brown eyes like wood.

    " You ready…

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