This is the behind-the-scenes- phone conversation Taylen and Gray had in Taylen's bedroom. The episode is Performability.

Taylen sighed and fell back on her bed. Taylen took out her phone and dialed his number. She listened as it rang. She had never been so anxious for some one to pick up their phone.


Taylen(smiles):Hey, cuteness.

Gray:Well if it isn't Taylen. What have I done to become so lucky to get a call from you?

Taylen:Like you have to ask.

Gray:So how are things going in the house?

Taylen(sighs):I mean if you count out the fact that Andi is begging me to knock her out. Then yeah. I mean sure Ryan needs to get his motives figured out. Brandon should stop trying to get Drew and get his head in the game. Joy left which I actually could care less for and Alexandria well, I mean she's not even relevant so......If you subtract all of that then I'm good.


Taylen(giggles):I know. Probably didn't expect such a detailed answer.

Gray:No, it's okay. I get it can be hard. Sometimes I wonder was I in over my head when I entered.

Taylen:Don't say that. You were amazing.

Gray(smiles):Well, of course I was. But sometimes dealing with other people's bull is just........

Taylen:Yeah I get it.

Gray:Just hang in there. I want to see your face when you win. See those pretty blue eyes light up.

Taylen:Aww, thanks. I plan on holding on to the end. Somehow I feel that as long as you're with me I'll make it.

Gray:So what's this about Ryan and motives?

Taylen:All I meant is that I think Ryan should spend more time focusing on winning then being in love with Drew. Not that I don't like them together. It's just how I feel.

Gray:So you think Ryan and Drew should break up?

Taylen(sighs):I don't know. I can't tell them how to run their relationship. But it's a hard relationship when you both want the same thing. I mean you'd have to be really in love to be able to give that up for someone else.

Gray:So do you want to be in a relationship right now?

Taylen:You mean like you and me? Or like anyone? Or just how I feel about being with someone right now?

Gray:I guess the second one and the third one.

Taylen:I don't know. I mean I guess it depends.


Taylen:Who the person is. The state I'm in?

Gray:So what state are you in right now?

Taylen:Are you implying something?

Gray:Do you think I am? Is that what you want?

Taylen:I want to......................see you once this compettion is over.

Gray:That's it.

Taylen:I guess. So I'll call you tomorrow.

Graylen:It's a bet.

Ending Note

So that's a wrap for this week. I bet y'all didn't expect that answer did you? Haha. You know me. I gotta keep your mind full of questions! That's all! Bye!

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