Author's Note

This is a behind the scenes of Taylen talking to Gray on the phone. The episode is Tenacity.

Behind The Scenes

Taylen walked out of her bedroom and crept around to see if anyone was awake. Everyone was sleeping peacefully. Taylen smiled to herself. She plopped on the lofa and pulled out her Iphone4S. Before Gray left last week, he gave her his number and she had been dying to talk to him. Sure texting him was fun. But talking to him on the phone was better.

Taylen excitedly dialed his number. She waited patiently as it rang. Finally she heard a hello. Taylen smiled, happily.

Taylen (smiling):Hey you

Gray:Tay, what's up?

Taylen:Nothing much, missing you.


Taylen:Yeah, it's not the same in the house without you. It's like dull. And this Andi freak is getting on my nerves.

Gray:You'll be fine. I believe in you

Taylen (smiles):Really?

Gray:Yeah. You're smart, hot, and you always keep it real.

Taylen (blushes):Stop lying.

Gray:It's true. We were like the hottest people in the house!

Taylen:That we were.


Taylen:I just want you to know that if I got eliminated, you would be the one I would have wanted to win.

Gray:Seriously? Awesome!

Taylen:The only other person is Ryan but to be honest, I think you're better and much hotter.

Gray:I know right. Even I can't believe how hot I am.

Taylen smiles and giggles.

Taylen:Maybe we should skype each other.


Taylen:Yeah, so we can keep in touch while I'm still here. I want to see your face.

Gray:My face or my abs?

Taylen (smirks):Both, please.

Gray:K, I'll set up a skype tomorrow.


Gray:I really miss you, Taylen

Taylen:I really miss you too. I wish you were here.

Gray:Me too. But I gotta to bed, it's getting late.

Taylen:You're right. I got a big day tomorrow.

Gray:Good luck.

Taylen:Thanks. Promise you'll text me?


Taylen (smiles):Okay, goodnight.


Taylen waits for him to hang up. Minutes pass.

Gray:Taylen.........hang up the phone.

Taylen (laughs):Okay, goodnight.

Taylen hangs up and smiles to herself. She thens gets up and goes back to bed happily.


Ending Note

So that was the end of the first BTS for Graylen. Hope you guys liked it. I thought it would fit with Taylen's blog. Besides, I also said that this wouldn't be the end of Graylen. Gray might be gone but Graylen is just beginning. Stay tuned for more!

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