This is the behind-the-scenes Graylen phone call. The episode is Rival-ability.

Taylen is shown sitting on her bed brushing her hair when her phone rings. Taylen smiles and opens it.


Gray(on the phone):Taylen, it's Gray.

Taylen:Of course it's you.

Gray(laughs):Congrats on winning this week! You were really great.

Taylen:Thank you. You know I'm always doing my best.

Gray:It paid off this week.

Taylen:Yeah it did.

Gray:Hey, cheer up. Things like this don't happen everyday.

Taylen:I am happy.

Gray:You don't sound like it. Does this have to do with Andi? Or someone in the compettion?

Taylen:No, I can handle all those irrevelant idiots.

Gray:Then what is it?

Taylen:I told you I was fine.

Gray:But you're really not.

Taylen:Yes I am.

Gray:This has to do with me asking you how I feel about us dating and stuff.


Gray:If you're not into me all you have to do is say so. You know that right?

Taylen:Wait a second, you think that I'm not into you?

Gray:With the way you're acting.........................

Taylen:I am into you. Like a lot.

Gray:So you do like me! It's about time you admitted it.

Taylen(smiles):Wait, what? Were you tricking me?

Gray:Maybe, but it doesn't matter. Because you like me!

Taylen:Okay, you got me. I like you a lot.

Gray:I'm flattered.


Gray:And what?

Taylen(smiles):Don't play dumb with me. You like me too!

Gray:Okay, yeah I do like you. I really like you Taylen.

Taylen:I really like you too.

Gray:So what do we do now?

Taylen:I mean.....................


Taylen:I don't know. Maybe we should see what happens after the compettion. Like maybe you could come and see me on the finale.

Gray:Like you want me to come up there?

Taylen:Yeah. I think it'd be cool.

Gray:What happens when I come up there?

Taylen:Guess you're gonna have to wait and see.

Gray: Now I'm really excited.

Taylen(smirks):You should be.

Gray:I'm gonna start counting down days.

Taylen:Aww,that's so sweet.

Gray:You should probably get some sleep. The compettion is getting fierce.

Taylen:Don't think that's gonna stop me.

Gray:Oh I know it won't. But I still want you prepared.

Taylen:You really care a lot about what happens to me.

Gray:Yeah, I guess I do.

Taylen:That means a lot.

Gray:It's just the guy I am.

Taylen:I think I'm falling for you.


Taylen:I said I think I'm falling asleep. So goodnight.

Gray:Taylen wait.............

Taylen quickly hung up the phone. She covered her mouth with her face. Taylen moved her hands from her mouth.


Taylen looked around to make sure no one was listening and then quickly ran to bed.

Ending Note

If you read all of the BTS I have made for Graylen. You would have remembered that Taylen was keeping a secret from Gray. The secret was that she is falling for Gray which has been shown in this BTS. Until the next BTS!



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