This is the Behind-The-Scenes for the episode Romanticality. Graylen Phone Call<33

Taylen was listening to music on her bed when her cell rang. She opened it with a smile.


Gray:Somebody sounds happy.

Taylen(smiling):I am now.

Gray:Aww, knowing I bring a smile to your face makes me happy.

Taylen:You always bring a smile to my face.

Gray:Happy to know that. You're here for another week.

Taylen:Yeah, I'm happy.

Gray:I know. I'm happy for you too. Even though seeing you kiss Andi made me gag.

Taylen:Oh please. I didn't enjoy that one bit. I was like brushing my teeth for two hours once we were done.


Taylen(laughing):It's true. To be honest, I imagined kissing somebody else.

Gray:Oh really? I hope it was me.

Taylen:It was definitely you.

Gray:Awesome. Remember our first kiss.

Taylen:Yeah it was totally awesome. Well it was for me.

Gray:Oh believe me it was awesome for me too. Kissing you was amazing.

Taylen(smiling):Thanks. You were amazing too.

Gray:Thanks. Well I just wanted to check on you. I should probably get going now.


Gray:Hey, I'll call you tomorrow.

Taylen:You better.


Taylen:Okay, good night.

Gray:Good night.


That's it for this behind-the-scenes. Aww, they're just so cute.

What's next? Tune in to see! <333

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