So me and Grant (AMHS) were talking and we decided that just like last season there were going to be pairings of the contenders. You know like a relationship. But Grant thought it would only be fair if the users told or not whether you wanted your contender to be paired with someone. 

So here's what you do in the comment section below you list who you want your contender to be with, you know if you want your contender to be paired with someone. But the thing is the other user has to agree to wanted his or her contender to be paired with you. 

When a relationship has been confirmed by both users they'll be added to the list so that no one picks the same person twice. 

If you have any questions come to Grant (AMHS) or me, Nemo. (SamcedesandKlaineForever)


Confirmed Pairings

Audri and Dillion

Simon and Hermoine

Jayden and Chace

Confirmed Friendships

Marina and Reid

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