What's Up Awesome Team Taylen!! This week was very irritating!

So we had pairability and at first I thought being paired up with Joy would be actually good. But then she just messed up one of my favorite songs! She made me look like an amateur! And I mean come on, who the hell sings that low?! She is a girl right? Not to be rude, I only thought guys sang that low! As you can see I'm still here. Of course I'd be I'm fabulous!

That hedgehog Lyla won this week. I'm just happy she won something. Because maybe now she can stop hating on me! There bitch, you won something too. To be honest, she didn't even sing that good. But hey Darren ain't the best singer either, so he would pick bad talent. But I don't Lyla is ever gonna stop hating and being jealous of me. She might have won this. But I am still better and I got Gray. Taylen 2, Lyla 1.

So all other couples performed duets. Andi's was the worst in my honest opinion. Rihanna is my icon and I could sing her part 10 times better than Andi did. I wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna is hating her right now for screwing up that song. I mean who screws up a Rihanna song? Oh wait that troll Andi did. And to be honest, I think she's the reason Connor left. I mean you saw how Joy could have got me eliminated! Andi did get Connor eliminated!

I kinda feel bad for Joy, because Connor and her were cute together. But I'm happy to see Andi upset. That girl looked so sad. And she makes the ugilest sad face. I'd say she looked like a bull dog but I don't want to offend bull dogs.

So I'm the final 9. I knew I would be. I think everyone knew that I would be. I mean I am awesome. Even Joy couldn't bring me down. I'm still on top. I'm still gonna dominate. I run this thing!!

Well, that's all for now Team Taylen. I promised Gray, I'd get on and skype him. That's something I can't miss!


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