Team Taylen's what's up!!!!!!! Another week in the house! I have survived and conquered!! But all of you already knew I would. I mean I'm Taylen Renee Parker! What would I look like if I lost? Losing is for well.................losers.

First let's get to the Ryan/Brandon/Drew drama. I am honestly surprised that Ryan had the gut to break up with Drew. I mean he had the gut to realize that this was a compettion not a love show. But I mean Drew was leaving anyway, I'm pretty sure that they could have possibly stayed together. But maybe not considering that Ryan focused more on loving Drew than on the compettion. I mean it wasn't healthy. But maybe now he can get his head in the game like he should.

When Brandon and Ryan got to fighting, I was honestly amused. I mean yeah okay so maybe I did egg it on a little. But I mean I was sick of the both them just gawking around each other like a bunch of birds! They had a problem with other and it was time they settled it.

But the whole rock paper, scissors thing was like uncalled for. So you won the game, nobody cares. I mean at that point they were both just looking for arguments. So I just had to flip my hair and leave it. Don't nobody got time for that mess.

Now, I have to admit when Grant Gustin didn't pick me I was angry. I mean how could he choose Raging Rampage Ryan over me?! But it was hard to stay wrong at Grant. I mean do you see how hot he was. I just wanna kiss him repeatedly. Like he's just so damn fine. And Ryan really was on fire this week. Too bad it took a fight with Brandon and breaking up with Drew to get him motivated. What-A-Shame.

What was it like to sing Mine? Hmm at first it was weird. But then like I saw Gray and it became a lot easier. I don't know why but sometimes if I just imagine him it makes things easier. Why do I do that? I don't know I just feel like......I don't know...........

Anyway, Little Fox Lyla went home. I can't say that I'm not surprised. I mean from day one we didn't get along. And she just kept grating on my nerves and now she's gone. Do I miss her? Hell to the no. She needed the boot a long time ago.

Now if we can just that muskrat Andi out of the house, things will be better. But hey, wishes take time. The plus side is that I'm still here. I'm still on fire.

There's no way I'm going home. I'm in love with this too much. This is just my pathway to stardom!

Kisses Team Taylen!

Until We Meet Again.

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