Hey team Emma!

Week 1! We all arrived at the house and got to know each other, they all seem so nice!,except Taylen! and Emily´s the sweetest girl i´ve ever met!

So Robert came and told us this week was Individuality! I think I really know who I am, this sportive, popular girl, but nerdy, coming form an english family and likes having control, what is difficult is standing in a group, I´m not the kind of girl that you see and notice a difference.

Our homework assingment was Don´t Stop Beilivin´, I love that song, it´s SO glee, it´s excellent to start this thing!

Naturally, I took over control on our preparation for the homework assingment, I LOVE being over control, everything must be done my way and perfectly.

When Lea Michele stepped in, I couldn´t stop yelling! She´s great, and such an inspiration for me! We did really good, and we left Lea shocked by our performance! Of course she didn´t highlighted me, as I can´t stand out on a group! In the end she chose Brandon, who really deserve it. Then they told us our Music Video was I Love Rock and Roll, it´s not my type of song, but I love it!

Choreography with Zach went great, he loves me! Nikki is so funny to, she loved my voice!

Then, at the video shoot, I had trouble being ferocius and throwing my desk, as I´m not so like, ferocius but finally I could do it. The video was great, we went totally nuts!

Then, Robert announced the bottom 3, he told me I needed to improve and needed to stand out more, which I totally understood, and then he told me I was called back for next week!

So, we were all nervous for the bottom 3, and finally, Jacob went home. I liked him, he was quiet, but he seemed like a nice guy.

Well, get ready for next week, ´cause it´s gonna get heavy!

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