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    -Keep Holding On- Drew

    Drew: There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



    Keep holding on (holding on)

    'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through

    The contenders start to make their way off the stage. Ryan and Drew stay behind.

    Ryan: I love you baby, I loved that performance, it breaks my heart to see you sing that...

    Drew: Shut up.

    Ryan:.... what? *Ryan looks confused*

    Drew: Just shut up Ryan. Don't give me that sweet bullshit you do to everyone else. You're glad I'm leaving.

    Ryan: What? Drew... I...

    Drew: Stop. Let's be honest. You used me.

    Ryan: What?

    Drew: You used me, for screen time. You knew if we wer…

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  • Theatregleek1995

    Hey Team Ryan!

    I know this is a bit late, but I figured I'd post this anyway! This week was Performability week! One of my specialities of course! I treat my life as a performance.

    The week was all about coordinating our performances and making sure we had emotion while lip-synching and dancing straight to camera.

    Heather Morris was our guest mentor. I adore her. She is one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. And she's so fun and outgoing. She's definitely a bit different from her character, Brittany, on Glee. She told me I definitely have the qualities necessary to be a performer because I back up my talent with confidence and energy. I'm glad she sees what I see in myself.

    Our song for the week was Paradise by the Dashboard Light,…

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  • Theatregleek1995

    Hi Team Ryan! How are you!? I'm so happy I've made it this far. Pairability week! Yay! Duets!

    At the start of the week Joy announced to us that old Joy was back. She claimed she didn't like new Joy. Well, say hello to consistently placing tenth again, honey. LOL.

    Pairability for me is all about collaborating well with your partner. A duet is supposed to show off both singers in the song. To much showing off on one sides part can turn the performance of a duet into a train wreck. You have to really know how to acheive a balance between the two performers. And being that most of us here are solo-performing divas, including myself, this was bound to be an interesting week.

    Our homework assignment was No Air. I love that song. I belt Jordin's par…

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  • Theatregleek1995

    Hello Team Ryan! And welcome to Tenacity week! Ah, this blog is going to be long, but necessary. Because I have a lot to say about this week.

    The house felt empty at the start of the week without a shirtless Gray making us bacon in the morning. He would always be making bacon and eggs for everyone and not waking up to the sound of the pan sizzling on the stove or the smell of breakfast was really heartbreaking for all of us. Especially Taylen. It hit her hard. But hey, we're still in a competition. We lost a friend, but we also lost a competitor.

    I literally almost died laughing when Taylen asked Emily if she was a member of the Brady Bunch or something. So glad she sees through that little act too. But then, Taylen said some things that rea…

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    Vulnerabilitiy week, Team Ryan, here we go! Vulnerability to me, is letting yourself be exposed. You have to show the camera just what makes you vulnerable. The point of the week is to show that you can be a three-dimensional character rather than just a one sided individual. Nobodoy wants to see someone or something that is "over-perfect" on their television screens.

    At the start of the week there was more girl drama between Taylen and Andi with Lyla and Emily stepping in. It's gotten to the point where I ignore it. I'm usually off snuggling with Drew in his bed in the morning anyway.

    When we found out we were doing I Want to Hold Your Hand I was so happy! I love that song, ever since Chris Colfer sang it on Glee. But when we were choosing …

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