Hey Team Ryan!

I know this is a bit late, but I figured I'd post this anyway! This week was Performability week! One of my specialities of course! I treat my life as a performance.

The week was all about coordinating our performances and making sure we had emotion while lip-synching and dancing straight to camera.

Heather Morris was our guest mentor. I adore her. She is one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. And she's so fun and outgoing. She's definitely a bit different from her character, Brittany, on Glee. She told me I definitely have the qualities necessary to be a performer because I back up my talent with confidence and energy. I'm glad she sees what I see in myself.

Our song for the week was Paradise by the Dashboard Light, which is actually a song I despise, but when they performed it on Glee, it was phenomenal. It was an amazing and true performance. I was excited to get to re-enact that with my fellow contenders. Drew was worried about the week, as usual. It breaks my heart because I love him but it makes me mad when he just has no self-confidence. He needs to realize that he is just as talented as anybody else here. Even me.

We got to perform on Glee's Nationals stage! It was a dream come true. I was singing and dancing on the same stage Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, and the rest of the cast had performed on. Brandon and Drew held me back a bit in our performance but luckily Zach got them sorted out and had them performing on my level in no time. And Nikki adored my vocals in the studio. I love her so much.

It was so fun to get the belty end of the song with Lyla. We killed it together. I'm growing to really adore her.

I was called back, which I'm not going to lie, I expected. It has been a good week. Well, a great six weeks... But Drew wasn't and my heart sank a bit. He's been at risk quite a bit and I just didn't want him to leave but it also broke my heart to see Joy in the bottom so I was really hoping for Andi to leave.

However, the callback list did not include Joy and she left in probably the hardest Keep Holding On I've had to sway in the background to yet.

I cannot wait for you all to see the drama that unfolds next week in Rival-ability. I will apologize ahead of time if you see a side to me you've never seen before... I can be a bitch when absolutely necessary, or when I want to be...

Until next time Team Ryan <3

All my love my little love bugs <3

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