Hey, what's up Team Connor! Well, this week's theme was Individuality and I think that it's all about confidence, you just gotta be yourself and shine with your own light.I must say that when I arrived at the house, I was kinda shy and quiet, I love making friends, but I always need a week to "analyze" the situation.Talking about the people I met, Tyler seemed a nice guy and Drew a good friend, I didn't get really close with Taylen, maybe i'm wrong and she's nice at all, but she seemed kind of cocky.Emily and Emma were both nice and funny and Jacob seemed nice, but I didn't talk to him too much.Andi was really funny and crazy, she really made me laugh! I think that Gray was the heartbreaker of the house and both Brandon and Ryan were nice guys.

Homework Assignment was Don't Stop Believing and I kinda liked it, because, like Lea Michele said: "It's like the Glee Anthem!".After we performed, Lea said that I wasn't connected, she also told me that i needed more energy and that I was a bit shy.Brandon was the winner and I think that he really deserved it, he rocked it! Music Video was "I Love Rock n' Roll" and I wasn't in love with it, but I felt OK.

Later, we went to do the coreography with Zach and it was really fun! Then, we did some vocals with Nikki Anders! Erik White was the director of the MV and i couldn't believe it! I think he always does an excellent job and he's an amazing person!

That night, we all went to the terrible announce of the Bottom 3, and I was really scared because it wasn't my DREAMED week! Finally, I had to perform in front of Ryan and I was really nervous, but when I started singing, I forgot about everything and it was only me and the stage, It was great! Later, when Robert told us that the list was up, we all hugged and Tyler, Jacob and me went to saw the list.I was so thankful when i get called back, but at the same time, I felt bad about Jacob, I didn't have much time to know him better. The "Keep Holding On" was really emotional.

So, that was Individuality, but don't forget to check out what will happen in Sexuality, things will get really hot, guys!

And that was all, see y'all!

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