Hey Team Connor! Last night's episode was Sexuality and I feel comfortable with that theme because I'm really sure about mine and I have no problem on talking about it. Girls fighted with Taylen because she was too aggressive with them and I think they were right, she's not the nicest person in the world. When Robert entered to the room, I was really excited about the theme, and when I heard the word "Sexuality" I literally fell from the couch, I couldn't believe it! "Do You Wanna Touch Me" is a funny and exciting song, so when I heard that we had to do it for the Homework Assignment I felt really good, my partner was Alexandria and we all had a good time. After we performed for Mark Salling, he decided that Taylen was the winner... Mark told us that we were going to make a mash-up of I'm A Slave 4 U and Sexyback, I was REALLY excited because I Love Sexyback. I was glad that my partner was Andi, because she's a really funny and nice girl.

We went to do the choreography with Zach and he told me that I was doing good, but Andi wasn't, so I cheered her and it kinda functioned. Later, we went to the booth and I did better than I expected, so I was really hoping to be called back. The Video Shoot was in a Club and I had a really good time, but I kinda noted that Brandon was upset because of Drew and Ryan kissing....I really don't know...

In the announce of the Bottom 3 I was really nervous, but I get called back and I felt SO happy of not being in the B3! At the end, Andi, Emma and Tyler had to do a Last Chance Performance for Ryan.

Tyler was eliminated and we all felt really sad because he was a good friend and a nice person...

So, that's all Team Connor! I hope you all watch Vulnerability, it's gonna be a really emotional episode, guys!


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