? We Are Young is featured in the eleventh and final episode of the first season ofProject: Glee,? Glee-Ality . It was originally sung by Fun. It was sung by the three final contenders of season one of? Project: Glee? with the eliminiated contenders as their final competitive music video.? ==Lyrics==

-There´s a party going on at a large building on New York. Andi is seen nervous at the elevator. The door opens and she sees the whole party. She goes red and takes a seat at a bar.

Andi: Give me a second act, I need to take my story straight.

-Andi goes to the bathroom and sees Taylen and Gray kissing. Taylen makes “get out” signs. Andi closes the door. She turns around to see Connor giving her his hand.-

Andi: My lover he´s waiting for me, just across the bar, my seat´s been taken by some sunglasses asking bout a scar, and

-Andi and Connor head to the dance floor, smiling.-

-Taylen is taking a drink at the bar, where she fights with her ex boyfriend, Gray.-

Taylen: I know I gave it to you months again, and now I´m trying to forget, but between drinks and subtle things, my owes and my apologise, you know, I´m trying hard to take it back.

-Taylen and Gray head to the party.-

-Camera points at Emily´s face.-

Emily: So if by the time, the bar closes, and you feel like falling down, i´ll cary you home, tonight

-Emily, Andi and Taylen are now singing on a stage on the party.-

Andi, Emily, Taylen: Tonight, we are young

Boys: we are young

Girls: So, let´s set the world on fire

Boys: Fire

Girls: We can burn brighter

Boys: Brighter

All: Than the sun

-Everyone gets out of the party and runs to a lake outside. They´re all hugging each other and singing in front of a? fire.-

Andi, Emily and Taylen: Whoah, whoah, tonight, we are young

All: we are young

Andi, Emily and Taylen: So let´s set the world on fire

All: Fire

Andi, Emily and Taylen: We can burn brighter

All: Brighter

Andi, Emily and Taylen: Than the suuuuuun

All: So if by the time, the bar closes, and you feel like falling down, I´ll carry you home tonight.

-The guys all hig each other, smiling.-

-The camera pintes at the black sky, covered in stars.-

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