You and I is featured in the ninth episode of the first season of Project: Glee, Romanticality . It was originally sung by Lady gaga. It was sung by the six remaining contenders of season one of Project: Glee as their music video that week.

Andrea (Andi) Ray Green had won the homework assingment and then had more lines than the other contenders.


-Andi gets out of her car, outside a house, walks to the doorstep and knocks the door, which is opened by Taylen. They both smile.-

Andi: It's been a long time since I came around

-Andi and Taylen hug each other.-

Andi: Been a long time, but I´m back in town, this time I´m not leaving without you.

-Taylen drags Andi to a sofa.-

Taylen: You taste like whisky when you kiss me oh, I´ll give anything to be your baby doll

-Taylen and Andi kiss.-

Andi: This time I´m not leaving without you.

- Ryan drags Emily by the hand to a shore besides a river.-

Ryan: Something, something about this place

Emily: Something ´bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face.

-Ryan and Emily kiss and sit on the floor.-

Emily: Something about my cool Nebraska guy

Ryan: Yeah, something about, baby you and I

-Andi and Taylen hig each other on the sofa.-

Taylen: It´s been two years since I let you go

Andi: I couldn´t listen to a joke or rock n´roll, this time I´m not leaving without you.

-Alexandria and Brandon are having a romantic dinner.-

Alexandria: Something, something about the chase, six whole years I´m a New York woman, born to run you down

-Alexandria and Brandon stand and hug each other.-

Alexandria: SO have my lipstick all over your face

Brandon: Something, something about just knowing when it´s right. So put your drinks up, Nebraska

-Brandon and Alexandria raise their cups.-

Brandon: For Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you.

Brandon and Alexandria: You and I , you and I, baby i´d rather dye without you and I

-Brandon and Alexandria kiss.-

-Emily and Ryan kiss.-

Emily and Ryan: You and I, you and I, Nebraska I´d rather dye, without you and I

- Andi and Taylen kiss.-

Andi: It´s been a long time since I came around, been a long time, but I´m back in town

-Andi raises Taylen from the sofa, they hug each other, walk out of the house, enter the car and drive away.-

Andi: This time I´m not leaving without you.

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